Conversion of gas to petroleum products have always been of interest to the Iranian authorities as a mean of monetizing gas resources. Iran with the omit largest gas reserves in the world can not be indifferent to the developments in conversion of gas to petroleum products. As such National Iranian Oil Company research centre has been involved in GTL research since 1997. The Research Institute for Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has been working on the development of iron fixed bed technology and cobalt slurry technology. However a joint research agreement with Petro SA of South Africa and Stat Oil of Norway to build pilot plants has not been materialized yet.


National Petrochemical Company (NPC):

In 1999, an agreement was signed between NPC and Shell for the development of 75,000 barrels per day capacity GTL plant near Assaluyeh. After three years of study the parties decided not to continue their cooperation due to various disagreements on the gas development for the project and gas price.

NPC also entered into an agreement with Sasol of South Africa in 2001 for 50,000 barrels per day capacity plant in the same region. Pre-feasibility study was completed by 2002 and Detailed Feasibility Study commenced in 2002. The implementation of the project was halted by 2004 and the parties agreed not to pursue the project.

NPC also tried to build a 10,000 unit GTL plant with the help of local technology developed by a local company (Sarve) and UK based Simon Carves in 2005. However in 2007 NPC officially declared that it no longer follows up GTL projects.


Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO):

From the year 2000, IDRO has made considerable investment in development of local technology for GTL and building of big pilot plants. By 2004 considerable technological progress has been reported.


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